About the Project

This year sees the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli. To commemorate the participation of Victorian Public Sector workers in the Great War, the CPSU has launched a research project focussing on the employees of the Victorian state government who enlisted and fought.

Figures stated in the union journal during the war suggest that at least 6,408 employees of the Victorian Government employees enlisted between 1914 and 1918, 726 of whom lost their lives. This includes employees of the Victorian Government Railways, public servants, prison warders, employees of what were then still termed "lunatic asylums", police and teachers. It does not, however, include the general hospital sector, for which no figures have been found.

The scope of this project is limited to the State Public Service (including the teachers and police) - the groups covered by the Victorian State Service Federation (the ancestor of the current CPSU). From archival records, honour boards and reports to parliament, the names of 1,537 public sector recruits have been uncovered, 311 of whom lost their lives. In addition another 427 were wounded or taken prisoner.

The records are listed alphabetically on this website by department with a number of relevant details and a link to the on-line record (a PDF of their archived war record) held by the National Archives.

To access the records, go to the Records page. You will then be able to search for a record by name or browse the list of records by department. There is also a short link and instructions to help search for family members who served in the AIF.

A number of short articles are also available, detailing some of the more striking stories that have emerged from these records. To access these, just go to the Stories page.